FitLab Client KarenFitLab Client Karen

“I changed how I discuss exercise with my clients.”
- Karen

FitLab Client BobFitLab Client Bob

“I moved to a positive track instead of a negative one.”
- Bob

FitLab Client CathyFitLab Client Cathy

“I changed how I think about food and how it affects me.”
- Cathy

FitLab Client JonathanFitLab Client Jonathan

“I now have a disciplined, targeted approach to get the exercise outcomes I want.”
- Jonathan

FitLab Client GregFitLab Client Greg

“My energy level has gone through the roof.”
- Greg

FitLab Client GregFitLab Client Greg

“I’ve gotten better results with less work.”
- Greg

FitLab Client JanelleFitLab Client Janelle

“I changed my idea of aging gracefully through exercise.”
- Janelle

FitLab Client AdeleFitLab Client Adele

“As a physical medicine specialist, I was surprised by the unique ideas about physical training.”
- Amish

FitLab Client JoannaFitLab Client Joanna

“I learned my mind can drive my body no matter what age I am.”
- Joanna

FitLab Client AdeleFitLab Client Adele

“I quickly realized how much work I needed to do to regain good health.”
- Eric

FitLab Client MaggieFitLab Client Maggie

“I changed my relationship with food and exercise.”
- Maggie

FitLab Client KathyFitLab Client Kathy

“I changed my mind on how important it is to embrace a healthy lifestyle.”
- Kathy

FitLab Client KaneFitLab Client Kane

“I changed my idea of the importance of connecting my mind and my body.”
- Kane

FitLab Client JenFitLab Client Jen

“I stopped thinking skinny meant healthy.”
- Jen

FitLab Client MeganFitLab Client Megan

“I changed how I think about strength training and how I talk to my patients about exercise.”
- Megan

FitLab Client AdeleFitLab Client Adele

“I lost a little weight, gained muscle and strength.”
- Adele

FitLab Client KimFitLab Client Kim

“I feel younger because I don’t have pain.”
- Kim

FitLab Client KristieFitLab Client Kristie

“I changed what being healthy really means to me.”
- Kristie

FitLab Client MarkFitLab Client Mark

“I feel healthier, with a sense of overall wellness, awareness and accomplishment.”
- Mark

FitLab Client KimFitLab Client Adele

“I feel healthier, stronger and I have more energy.”
- Kathy

FitLab Client NeenooFitLab Client Neenoo

“I changed my relationship with food.”
- Neenoo

FitLab Client RichFitLab Client Rich

“I’ve changed how disciplined I am about exercise.”
- Rich

FitLab Client SarahFitLab Client Sarah

“I used to avoid exercise by any means now I really look forward to working out.”
- Sarah

FitLab Client Steve
FitLab Client Steve

“I feel more muscle and I’ve lost inches.”
- Steve

FitLab Client VictoriaFitLab Client Victoria

“I’m brave enough to do roller derby!”
- Victoria

FitLab Client JoelFitLab Client Adele

“I look forward to being healthier and feeling better for the long term.”
- Joel