GhFITLAB is dedicated to starting you off right. As a new member, you will receive our proprietary Health Intelligence assessment to jumpstart your most effective and efficient one-to-one training program. Your customized regime will incorporate the right balance between weight training to build healthy muscle and expert nutritional and lifestyle coaching to deliver dramatic and sustainable results.

  • "The greatest difference between GhFITLAB and other programs is constant two-way feedback. It’s a lot more personalized and effective."
    Dr. Micah Eimer - Cardiologist

  • "I used to avoid exercise by any means - now I really look forward to working out. It’s a huge life change."
    Sarah Norwell - Designer

  • “At my annual physical, my vitals were hugely improved. I look better, I feel better and I’m happier.”
    Joel Friedman - Law Partner, Horwood Marcus

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