Do you dream of a career where you can use exercise and coaching to make a positive difference in other people’s lives?  We are looking for passionate, hard-working, caring former student athletes who want to bring their enthusiasm towards coaching the champion in everyday people.

We offer full-time, salaried coaching jobs that require passion, hard-work, compassion, and a shared sense of purpose.  Candidates need no particular prior experience as we do all training in-house.  Necessary requirements include a positive personality, teamwork, and effective leadership in a growing organization with an impactful long-term vision.


Job Description:

The day-to-day job is to lead clients through one-on-one exercise and lifestyle coaching sessions by applying the GhFITLAB protocol to each individual person, both physically and psychologically.  The protocol is a medically proven program that leverages a data-driven analysis to maximize the impact on each person and has been proven highly effective in clinical research.  We are currently in large-scale clinical trials with major universities (including University of Illinois at Chicago) studying our outcomes.

We hire recent graduates, many of whom are student athletes and many have an interest in psychology and/or kinesiology, but certainly not all.  However, every single one has a passion for helping others.  We are not looking for classic personal trainers or personal training certifications.  We train our team members to deliver the GhFITLAB protocol, education that can only be provided by us.

Many of the people we hire are former collegiate coaches or athletes. The reality of coaching a college team is that much of the important work happens one-on-one. Coaches must be aware of the mindset, attitude, commitment and psychology of each of their players in order to help those players achieve their best.

We coach our clients to improve their lives and change their behaviors inside and outside of our facility. Collegiate coaches and former athletes have the passion, work ethic, tenacity, patience, listening skills, commitment and patience to consistently bring out the best in others.

We are always looking for top talent.
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