The Difference

We started GhFitlab to take the risk out of starting a new exercise program. Our team of coaches and case managers will measure every muscle, assess your Health Intelligence using the science of behavior change and tailor a program uniquely suited to you, with a focus on sustainability. Our method is clinically tested and proven effective. It’s not just a coincidence that it works.


In our facility, one-to-one, twice a week, one hour each time. We maximize results and minimize energy spent, so you feel better afterwards, not tired. We carefully calibrate a workout that’s tailored to you to help you achieve your goals.


Our clients quickly experience an increase in energy. More than 90 percent of our clients begin to feel a change in their energy by six weeks into the program.

Health Intelligence

We use the science of behavior change to understand how we coach you to maximize your results. Our proprietary cutting-edge assessment tools and customized coaching plans are specific for each person, leading to sustainable change.

Our Coaches

Many team members are former athletes or college coaches. They go through Gh University to become a certified GhFitlab coach. The university curriculum was developed with input from doctors and psychologists and includes ongoing case management to get you the best results.


We don’t dictate lifestyle changes. We partner with you based on your Health Intelligence and lifestyle to pinpoint the specific adjustments that will have the biggest benefit. It could be sleep, stress, eating habits or exercise.


We track 40 measures in the categories of energy, body, health intelligence and medical wellness because outcomes matter. We have partnered with AthletiCo to complete some of our initial measurements. Click here to see the 40 measures.


We calculate our success by measuring lasting change. We have spent years formulating a method that gives you the best possible chance for success. Our method ensures your program is custom-tailored to fit you.


Your Health Intelligence coach works with you to set the right goals and evaluate progress toward those goals. We know that sustainable change requires both short- and long-term goals and it is our goal to get you on the path to feeling great.


We are proud of our adherence rate. Our clients start to feel better in about six weeks, and they keep coming back because they feel great afterwards. In our clinical trials, we were told to expect a 70 percent dropout rate. We had zero percent.


We don’t have membership fees or contracts. We encourage all potential clients to come for a free Change Your Mindsession, where you will experience the Gh Method for yourself. Sessions start at $80 as part of a monthly package. For clients who need extra support, we have our Quantum and Platinum packages. Check out our FAQ


GhFitlab is safe for people on both ends of the health spectrum. The structured assessments and individualized attention allow us to customize each workout based on strength, flexibility, energy and even cognitive function.