Industry Leading Back to Work Rates for Employees on Workers Compensation and/or
Long Term Disability Insures Significant Provider Cost Savings

GhFITLAB Fit-For Work offers a rehabilitation program that delivers return to work rates over 250% better than current expectations for complex, longer-term pain cases. For cases where conventional physical therapy, work hardening and condition are just not working, the GhFITLAB Fit-For-Work program can meet needs of these patients resulting in significant cost savings for the payer.

GhFITLAB’s evidence-based approach stands apart from conventional providers by furnishing patients with an integrated program that combines therapeutic physical exercise with comprehensive medical and psychological assessments and coaching.

One hour twice per week, GhFITLAB Fit-For Work patients experience one-on-one therapeutic exercise sessions. In addition, they receive daily coaching and dedicated case management by a physician, psychologist and muscle rehabilitation specialist throughout their participation in the program. The result is a proven, personalized regime that delivers measurable improvements in medical status, pain, and level of fitness.

All-inclusive fixed monthly rates, unparalleled return-to-work results, and a screening program that identifies and discharges patients unlikely to fully participate and succeed insures significant provider long-term cost savings.




In partnership with University of Illinois Chicago Department of Surgery and Adler University, we completed a randomized clinical trial measuring the impact of the GhFITLAB protocol on rehabilitating patients after kidney transplantation. On the basis of the outcomes of the first trial, we are currently completing a large scale (150 person) clinical research trial with support from UIC, Northwestern, and Gift of Hope, designed to change the National Medicare policy.



GhFITLAB Fit-For Work analyzes patient’s personalized medical and psychological assessments utilizing a complex biopsychosocial model. This knowledge informs GhFITLAB’s rehabilitation algorithms and is further made effective by weekly recalibration and case management. Typically, patients will experience measurable improvements in their experience of pain, strength and energy in the first 8 weeks of program participation.



Leveraging patient psychological profiling in tandem with early improvements in pain and medical status is critical in achieving sustainable positive outcomes for patients who typically do not return to work. This component of the program includes nutritional coaching and in-person involvement of key family members. The result is empowerment of patients to take responsibility for their own recovery, ultimately resulting in lifestyle changes that are critical for ensuring long-term success.

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